Review of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Profile - A Women's History Month Special




Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Profile - A Women's History Month Special


Thank you Larry Josephson for the opportunity to eavesdrop on this fascinating, thought-provoking exchange, and no duck hunting involved! Josephsonπs respect and appreciation for Ginsburgπs strength, independence and intelligence fuel his thoughtful questions and she is generous with her responses. No arrogance here, just an amazing story – as Josephson points out, hers is the perfect paradigm of the American immigrant experience. Her calm recounting of dealing with sexism and anti-Semitism provide powerful reminders of how far weπve come, and how far we have yet to go to create true equality and respect for ≥the other≤ in this country. Ginsburgπs profound admiration of our founding fathersπ far-sightedness, and of the grandness of the Constitution make that precious document come intensely alive for the listener. And thereπs a lovely moment where sheπs asked to read the First Amendment. I wonπt spoil by telling. Air this. Listen for that moment. Obvious pick for Womenπs History month, but donπt ghettoize it there. Given that new Supremes are in the offing, this couldnπt be more timely. OK, after Christmas, but soon!



Sydney Lewis

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